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How to Breastfeed

Did you grow up in a village of topless women watching breastfeeding your whole life?     No?

Then how are you supposed to know how to breastfeed?

Breastfeeding isn’t natural anymore. It’s a learned skill, and you need to know all the tips and tricks BEFORE your baby is born!!

Have your very own Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Doula teach you everything you need to know ONLINE, and keep it forever so you can watch it again and again...

✔️know how to latch so it doesn’t hurt!
✔️know when your baby is hungry!
✔️know your baby is getting enough milk!
✔️know what to do if baby loses weight!
✔️know how to get comfortable
✔️know how to have a great milk supply!
✔️know how and when to supplement .

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Labor and Birth Prep

Did you know that labour can last for days?  TV and movies show birth as fast and intense (with a lot of screaming), but it isn't always like that!

Learn about a typical labour and birth and how to navigate all the stages of labour....  

✔️know what to do when you start having contractions

✔️know how to cope with pain (even if you're planning for an epidural) 

✔️know when to go to the hospital and what to take with you!

✔️know the options for medications/interventions/procedures

✔️know how make a birth plan / birth wishes list

✔️learn about what babies do after they're born!


Newborn Care Hacks!

Get all my best tricks and trips from 20 years of experience taking care of babies.  As an NICU nurse and Lactation Consultant doing home visits, I have seen what new parents struggle with, and want to make it easy for you! 

✔️Learn how to diaper a baby without leaks

✔️Learn the best way to swaddle

✔️Learn how to bathe a baby 

✔️Know how to use babywearing so you can have your hands free!

The Expert in your Living Room!


Angela Grant Buechner, RN, IBCLC, BA, BScN

Registered Nurse (NICU)        

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Birth Doula

Newborn Care Specialist

Owner & Founder, 

Nutmeg Consulting - Expert Care for Birth, Babies & Breastfeeding

Why Birth, Babies & Breastfeeding Virtual Academy?

As a Registered Nurse, Birth Doula, Lactation Consultant AND mom of three, I know that pregnancy is the best time to learn about baby care, breastfeeding and more!  Having an EXPERT  by your side and (virtually) in your living room is the best way to learn!!  

After 20 years of helping thousands of new families, I have built these courses as the ultimate Prenatal class!   

I'll be by your side for the whole journey, and since you get to keep your courses FOREVER,  you can watch it again and again once your baby is home!  Having an EXPERT with you even in the middle of the night, will calm your worries, answer your questions, and help you feel ready and reassured on your journey as a new parent!